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Welcome to the Irish Cultural

Museum of New Orleans

We are located in the beautiful and historic "French Quarter", or Vieux Carre section of downtown New Orleans, among a picturesque Colonial Spanish courtyard and buildings. We are walking distance from major hotels, world famous restaurants, easy parking and covenant transportation, making the ICM the perfect place to explore the culture, lore and beauty of New Orleans.

Beginning in the 1700's New Orleans received thousands of Irish who made a treacherous journey from their distant homeland across the Atlantic. And only here will you learn of the sacrifices and contributions these unsung heroes have made to this great city. Only here will you meet the real "New Orleans Irish", and discover the significant influence these people and their tiny island nation has had on, what we consider, New Orleans today.

A visit to the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans will leave you with a truly new perspective and appreciation for the history of this beautifully complex city. You will learn the untold history and stories of the Irish adventurers, soldiers, mercenaries, priests, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, public servants and others who found there niche here and who have left us with their spirit, their accomplishments, their culture, and their ancestors; all of which define the Irish New Orleanian today.

It is here that the compelling saga of the Irish who ventured to New Orleans is told as never before. From the appointment in 1769 of Irish military strategist Alexander O'Reilly as the second governor of Louisiana, to the thousands of Irish who perished digging the New Basin Canal, the Irish Cultural Museum of New Orleans traces the city's Irish Heritage through rarely seen archival maps, photographs, and newspaper articles.

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